Network Upgrade Fingerroot Proposal (RSKIP-388)

Hello, Rootstock community! The IOVlabs team has recently published a meta RSKIP for the next RSK network upgrade called Fingerroot: RSKIP-388: Network Upgrade Fingerroot.

There are 7 RSKIPs proposed so far, which are:

  • RSKIP-252: Transaction Gas Price Cap
  • RSKIP-326: Pegout events improvements
  • RSKIP-374: Reestablish the number of block confirmations for a PowPeg migration period
  • RSKIP-375: Pegout creation hash as key
  • RSKIP-377: Store the last retired federation standard P2SH script
  • RSKIP-383: Increase POWpeg activation age
  • RSKIP-385: Bridge method getEstimatedFeesForNextPegOutEvent improvement

This will be presented in the upcoming Rootstock Community Call on June 9th at 2.30 pm UTC.

The proposal is now open for anyone to comment or propose other improvements until June 14th, 2023.