RSKIP-414: Network Upgrade Arrowhead

Hello to the Rootstock community! :wave:

A network upgrade proposal has been recently published and is open for discussion. This proposal focuses mostly on Ethereum compatibility by introducing opcodes already supported by the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Here are the key proposed improvements slated for inclusion in Arrowhead:

  1. RSKIP-203: Introducing the GetCallStackDepth precompiled contract.
  2. RSKIP-376: Version 2 designation for PowPeg migration transactions.
  3. RSKIP-379: Indexing for Bridge peg-out and migration transactions.
  4. RSKIP-398: Introducing the PUSH0 opcode.
  5. RSKIP-400: Reduction in calldata gas costs.
  6. RSKIP-412: Introducing the BASEFEE opcode.

This proposal is an initial step, and we invite the community to engage in open discussions, share insights, and propose additional improvements. Your feedback is crucial to shaping the future of Rootstock.

Furthermore, we anticipate hosting a community call in January 2024 to delve deeper into these proposed changes.

Thank you!

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I agree with the proposals that were selected for the next network upgrade. However, I have a comment related to RSKIP-400.

I hope that in a future upgrade we can do something better than the calldata gas reduction. I understand that currently there is a need to compete with other blockchains that provide a data availability layer for rollups, but we should not compromise RSK core function which is to serve for financial transactions, and reducing the cost of calldata may prevent us from increasing the block gas limit. So we may be shooting ourselves in the feet.

The other use case for blockchain data, which is inscriptions, is not considered in RSKIP-400. Bitcoin inscriptions have proven that they are not sensible to transaction fees. People are paying hundreds of dollars to inscribe in Bitcoin. Rollup data, on the contrary, is very sensible to price. However, the RSKIP-400 helps rollups but doesn’t mention the drawback that it reduces the cost of inscriptions/NFT spam.

RSKIP-281 (and the previous ephemeral data proposals in the RSKIP repository) were specially optimized for rollup payload.

So even if we activate RSKIP-400, we should look for better alternatives in the future.

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This proposal is being discussed on the latest community call Twitter (X) / YouTube

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A new RSKIP has been proposed by the IOVlabs team to be included in Arrowhead. This RSKIP proposes a change in how the Rootstock address of the pegnatories is derived from their public key, fixing an issue by which some pegnatories are not receiving the corresponding network fees in the correct Rootstock address.

Details here: RSKIPs/IPs/ at master · rsksmart/RSKIPs · GitHub

A new RSKIP has been proposed by the IOVlabs team to be included in Arrowhead. This RSKIP proposes that, when a Bridge method is called from a smart contract and returns an empty value, then no exception is thrown, and the transaction is not reverted.

Details here: RSKIP417 - Avoid transactions to be reverted when Bridge method calls from smart contracts return an empty response