Community Call May 2021!

:wave: everyone! We’re planning our 1st ever RSKIP-oriented community call in May… and we would like your input!

  • Action: Please comment below with the RSKIPs that you would like us to prioritise for discussion!
  • Follow up: Based on this discussion, we’ll create an agenda, and invite all of you to the discussion.
    Hope to get all of your thoughts soon!
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CC @SergioDemianLerner @adrian.eidelman @diego @gabriela

Hello @bguiz ! I would like to see RSKIP-139: Precompile to get transaction refunds being discussed in the community call. It is relevant for the meta-transaction project (RIF Enveloping) we are developing on RSK.
Thanks for pushing this initiative forward!

Hi! I am also interested in RSKIP-139 as it affects the Flyover protocol!

Thank @bguiz for organizing this event! There are two RSKIPs that aim to improve the security of RSK and they are low risk. I want to propose these are implemented in the next network upgrade.

This is another interesting RSKIP that I would like to be included. It reduces the size of RSK blocks, and adds versioning capabilities to RSK blocks.

Bloom filter compression (RSKIP194)

There are two RSKIPs proposing changes to gas costs and transaction fees . They deserve the attention of all community members.