rWallet crashing

Hello, I just tried to publish this at GitHub but I think they banned me:

Describe the bug
After the Update the App will start with the white screen, however it will close immediately and basically crash.

App & Device (required)

  • Wallet App version: v1.1.4
  • Device: iPhone Xs
  • OS version: 13.4.1

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open App
  2. rWallet Animation is seen
  3. It crashes


Hi @arrrrrrrrr ,
Thanks for the report, we are currently taking action, will probably update in the following hours.
Which username do you have in github? So I can check, remember the repo url is: GitHub - rsksmart/rwallet: The RSK Wallet is based on our rWallet open-source code-base, which will allow developers and organizations to use it to build their own apps.
Also, you can join our Slack channel, and use the #support channel there:

Hello @patogallaiov
Thanks for the App Update!!
Works perfectly now!

My Github username is the same as here, but Github banned me and didn’t display my Issue because I used a throwaway email.

Anyway thank you guys very much for fixing the issue!

Kind Regards

Glad to hear that @arrrrrrrrr !
Please remember to use our Slack channel next time :slight_smile: