RSKIP-207: Emergency Time-locks Refresh

Hey! I would like the community to take a look at this proposal to change how the Bridge refreshes the UTXOS to avoid the emergency multisig to spend them before required.

This RSKIP describes an automatic refresh process where the Bridge will detect the UTXOs that should be reclyced back to the Powpeg to extend the time-lock delay.

Please go here to read the details about the RSKIP.

Hopefully we can share during the next community call.


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Thanks Jose! We are discussing also a simplified proposal that I think would be better if RSKIP207 is implemented together with an RSKIP to dynamically consolidate the Bridge UTXO set to achieve an (almost) fixed-size set. You can read the simplified proposal (RSKIP264) here.

You can also read the draft of the proposal to consolidate UTXOs (RSKIP265) here.

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