RSKIP-291: Network Upgrade Hop (Initial Proposal)

Hello RSK community! I’ve just created an initial meta RSKIP for the next RSK network upgrade called Hop (RSKIPs/ at master · rsksmart/RSKIPs · GitHub). I’m proposing 2 RSKIPs to be part of Hop, which are RSKIP-264 and RSKIP-271:

As discussed in previous RSK Community Calls, we’d like Hop to be limited in scope so it can be activated during Q1 2022 (dates to be defined) to quickly address the concerns raised by the community about the Time-locked Emergency Multisignature introduced in RSK Iris hard fork.

This is an initial proposal, discussion is now open for anyone to comment or propose other improvements.

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I came here, to comment about this:
BIP 0067: Fix a broken link by katesalazar · Pull Request #1202 · bitcoin/bips · GitHub

A bip for a link? really? it seems that the main need as of now is about strenghtening nameserving and routing the way we already know.
My 2 cents:
Workarround the transition to decentralized NS, not using the old NICs, we can always encapsulate within. Something like within tcp/IP. ?

NICs are the current intermediaries to be addressed.

@cypher I’m not sure how your post relates to HOP or even RSKJ/ RSKIPs in general.

That being said, if you are looking for DNS-like technology that is RSK-native, you might want to check out
RIF Name Service.