idea for creating a new product using rsk

I have an idea that I would like to implement using rsk, with whom I can discuss the idea, would like to get an assessment of the idea, and also understand if the project is needed by the crypto community?

You can post here your idea here (if you want a technical opinion) or in the RSK public slack channels (if you want a more business oriented opinion). While anyone could then use your idea, generally public feedback is more valuable than keeping an idea secret.

I am ready to publish my idea in slack, but I have already written in many salck sections that I have an idea, but received no response, so I decided to write to the forum. did you see my message on the forum? can we discuss the idea with you, or somewhere where I can get a broader business-oriented opinion?..


Please rate the idea or tell me with who can I talk to about this?

Idea: at the second level of bitcoin on the Rootstock (rsk) blockchain and using ONLY rbtc, the makerdao project is completely copied with the maker governance token. Users convert btc to rbtc; freeze ONLY rbtc (on the rsk blockchain) and get a smaller amount of rDAI (stablecoin on rsk), everything is exactly like makerdao, the only difference is that makerdao on eth, as well as in makerdao freeze different erc20 tokens, and in this idea, only one rbtc.

What we have: the makerdao project has made the best stablecoin DAI at the moment, DAI tokens are already 3 billion, which means that ~ 9 billion dollars are frozen for them, we can say that the project is already BIG, from the disadvantages I see only that DAI is provided with second-rate tokens and not  decentralized stablecoins such as usdt usdc etc., and if tokens or non-decentralized stablecoins scam, it will hit the whole makerdao system hard.

 Why is this idea better than makerdao: 1) rDAi is provided, as it were, exclusively with the btc, and DAI is provided with less trust tokens and stable.  2) there are more btc holders in the world who want to receive a stable as btc collateral than erc20 token holders who used makerdao.

Conclusion: the idea has more potential than makerdao, which is already grandiose.

You should contact the moneyonchain team. The makerdao vaults would be a good product addition for them. More efficient for them to add, then for someone else to create without an existing platform.