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Dear Community

This is a space to be part of the conversation around Rootstock (RSK) research and innovation efforts.

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Rootstock is the first and longest running sidechain. It is fully EVM compatatible, hosts a number of leading Bitcoin DeFi dapps and new developers are discovering how to build on Bitcoin with Rootstock daily.

Topics covered in this forum are primarily focused on technical innovation related to Rootstock:

including but not limited to:

  • Decentralization

  • Trust Minimisation

  • Merge-mining security

  • Bridge Features and Security

  • RSK sidechains and Sharding

  • EVM improvements

  • Low-level protocol improvements

  • Protocol economics

  • Resource pricing economics

  • 2nd layer Scalability

  • Other second-level features

  • Privacy

  • Security

  • Meta-transactions

  • RSK Federation multisignature protocol

  • RSKIPs discussion

  • Trust Minimisation

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  • Express your thoughts freely, but please be respectful of other participants.

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