Idea; new product on rsk

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Please rate the idea or tell me with who can I talk to about this?

Idea: at the second level of bitcoin on the Rootstock (rsk) blockchain and using ONLY rbtc, the makerdao project is completely copied with the maker governance token. Users convert btc to rbtc; freeze ONLY rbtc (on the rsk blockchain) and get a smaller amount of rDAI (stablecoin on rsk), everything is exactly like makerdao, the only difference is that makerdao on eth, as well as in makerdao freeze different erc20 tokens, and in this idea, only one rbtc.

What we have: the makerdao project has made the best stablecoin DAI at the moment, DAI tokens are already 3 billion, which means that ~ 9 billion dollars are frozen for them, we can say that the project is already BIG, from the disadvantages I see only that DAI is provided with second-rate tokens and not  decentralized stablecoins such as usdt usdc etc., and if tokens or non-decentralized stablecoins scam, it will hit the whole makerdao system hard.

 Why is this idea better than makerdao: 1) rDAi is provided, as it were, exclusively with the btc, and DAI is provided with less trust tokens and stable.  2) there are more btc holders in the world who want to receive a stable as btc collateral than erc20 token holders who used makerdao.

Conclusion: the idea has more potential than makerdao, which is already grandiose.

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Hello Den, thanks for posting your idea here and for your patience. Your idea is not wrong, however other protocols developed by the community on RSK are already doing this. As an example I invite you to check Money on Chain ( One of the solutions provided by Money on Chain is the Dollar on Chain token (DoC), which is a stable coin pegged to the dollar collateralized with RBTC. You can read more about Dollar on Chain here: That being said, it will be a great to see more of these protocols deployed on RSK to make the ecosystem grow.

Please, continue collaborating with us in this forum sharing ideas, comments or any question you might have.

Thanks for your feedback. Of course, when forming this idea, I took into account and deeply studied the MOC project and the DOC itself, but in this project everything is implemented differently. The main difference is that in makerdao you need to block ERC tokens in more equivalent than the number of stablecoins received, and in DOC, how many rbtc you block in the same DOC equivalent that you will receive. Because of this, DOC, in my opinion, is limited, and it will be difficult for the project to grow to a billion in capitalization. And the makerdao project already has several billions of capitalization. Therefore, the project I am writing about and MOC are somewhat similar, but still very different.