Coinswitch. Co ignore user

Hello, I ask to contact with your partner - so that they return my btk after the exchange, because they ignore me everywhere.

Hi! Ok, will scale to Coinswitch.

Please share the explorer tx url.


#253587 ticket (enough information and screenshot to understand and return funds)

It would be useful to have txid and order id in plain text

Check two transactions:

  1. ORDER ID 75fbe11e-67d1-499b-bf08-d10fc42de8a1
  2. ORDER ID fe75705e-b7ef-45af-b4fd-5f33455493c4 1 btc tx, but she was order id
  3. But order id 2 non TX and you don’t sended my btc.
    Tx: a77646c02455a92d27ce97f98ba5ac2cc0736d900c2bc4c

3Lx1kZpsAkqFjsqgoun2ecwuboxwcFTWYi My BTC wallet, you can check transaction