RSK bridge as coin mixer

Can RSK bridge pegin/pegout be used as BTC coin mixer? if so, is it better than other coinmixers out there or worse? what about FastBTC?

If I understand correctly what Bitcoin Mixer is about, it is a tool to completely be anonymous, so your transactions are not made public. I do not think the RSK PowPeg which allows for two-way swaps between BTC and RBTC provide anonymity for transactions. I’ll reach to persons with advance knowledge on this though.

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The RSK bridge is fully traceable, so it won’t serve for coin mixing.

Some blockchain analytics service may not yet extract the information regarding from/to addresses (I haven’t checked), but with minimal expert knowledge this information can be retrieved from bridge transactions and events.


Hi, where can I find assistance with a rusdt transaction done 20hrs ago at the RSK bridge?

@kalopty try the #tokenbridge channel in the RSK community slack. To join, use