RSK Merging Mining - drop/ mismatch in hashrate?

I found a couple of places where the RSK hashrate is shown:
Screenshot_2021-02-08 RSK-network(1)
Screenshot_2021-02-08 RSK Open Finance(1)

Two observations and a question:

  • These numbers don’t match
  • This is much lower than it was last time I looked a few days ago. Did something happen?

Hi! I don’t know why the numbers don’t match, but I know that one of the RSK mining pools is having issues. I’m asking now the developer who is investigating the event to post an update here.

There was a drop in hashing power for some malfunction in a couple of minersdoing merged mining with RSK. Troubleshooting steps to assist the miners are in place, it should increase once miners do the corresponding actions.

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Thanks Edgardo for the update. I seems like it may be something related to the 2.1.0 release for several miners to fail simultaneously.

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It seems the miners having problems resumed merge-mining

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Not as high as the 65%+ that I saw a week or two ago but yes much improved over the lower hashrate the other day! Thank you for following up @SergioDemianLerner!