RSKIP-179: BTC-RSK timestamp linking

This is the first of the consensus changes required to implement Strong Fork-aware Merge-Mining (SFAMM). The change improves the security of RSK by itself, and together with RSKIP178 it will provide even stronger merge-mining security.

You can read the RSKIP here.

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There is no link/explanation/rationale in the original document about what is a “Strong Fork-aware Merge-Mining”

The last time I read it, 178 document also missed the above information, and at least at the link to discussion is also omitted

That’s correct. There is a paper we’ll soon publish with the justification for the changes proposed for SFAMM.
A faster option would be to include in the RSKIP more information about the attacks it prevents. During the coming month we’ll improve it in either way.

I’ve updated the rationale section of the RSKIP to show the motive behind the RSKIP. Now, the SFAMM paper publication is not required to understand the benefit of this change.