EIP-1898 support

Hi! Does the rsk mainnet public node support call by blockHash ( EIP-1898: Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC methods which accept a default block parameter. ) yet?

Also, does the json-rpc methods provided at JSON-RPC - RSK Developers Portal support call by blockHash?

Hi @GuplerSaxanoid ! Currently RSK public nodes do not support EIP-1898. We expect this to be supported in RSKj Iris v3.1.0, to be released soon after Iris v3.0.0, which has not been released yet, is activated. I believe Iris v3.1.0 will be released by late August. There is already a PR implementing this feature here: Implementation of EIP-1898 in RSKj JSON-RPC Methods by Vovchyk · Pull Request #1581 · rsksmart/rskj · GitHub.