Solutions on RSK: Hardware Needs and Service Provider Benefits

GetBlock is a service that provides a fast and easy connection to RSK nodes, and a continuously growing list of over 50 blockchains. In order to build a blockchain-based application, an individual or a company usually has to deploy and run several blockchain nodes. There is no need to launch and support all the nodes any more as the GetBlock service will get access to all the available currencies automatically. In order to get started with GetBlock, clients of the platform have to register an account and receive an API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.

Typical hardware requirements for running a Rootstock node might include:

A modern version of Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating system.
A minimum of 500 GB of disk space with a fast read speed, preferably on an SSD to ensure efficient processing of blockchain data.
At least 8 GB of RAM to handle the node’s operations effectively.
A stable broadband internet connection with high download and upload speeds, and sufficient data allowance.
Operating nodes on networks like Ethereum requires specific technical skills, and this is also true for Rootstock nodes. Different synchronization modes may be available for RSK, similar to Ethereum’s fast, full, and light modes, with each mode offering different trade-offs in terms of speed and data requirements.

GetBlock’s Goal

The goal of GetBlock is to provide users with access to full nodes from RSK, and many other leading blockchain platforms, allowing them to request on-chain information from a node without the need to set up one manually.

GetBlock guarantees a fast and stable connection to the RSK nodes by providing a turnkey infrastructure solution, so that a developer can easily integrate the RSK technology to the project without worrying about troubleshooting, updates, and constant syncing.


Users of GetBlock will have a personal account with the following features included:

  • All available blockchain nodes
  • Unlimited number of API keys
  • Rate limits of 10 requests/sec (auto-scaling is in the roadmap)
  • High connection speed at 1GB/sec
  • Trace+Archive
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automated updates
  • Technical support

GetBlock is a complete solution for developers who don’t need to wait hours and hours for the RSK node to be synced, as the platform provides a cost-effective infrastructure that guarantees a fast and reliable connection to a blockchain via full nodes.


GetBlock provides instant access to RSK nodes over HTTPS. It supports such APIs as REST, JSON-RPC, WebSockets and IRI, which facilitates the whole process of building decentralized applications (dApps).

Why choose GetBlock?

  • End-to-end solution — easy setup and fast integration of the RSK node to your app, automated node updates, and maintenance
  • Always evolving — list of accessible nodes is always expanded, with new nodes added based on clients’ requests
  • Reliable connection — most GetBlock servers are located in Germany, working 24/7 to provide reputable work and fast connection to the RSK node
  • Helpful data — all the related information on statistics and parameters for the RSK node is displayed in real-time
  • On-demand support — our team of experts guarantee fast consulting and personal support for both beginners and experienced developers
  • Privacy — the service doesn’t keep or ask for any information about keys, wallets, or any other private data. It receives from the clients only the encrypted transactions

RPC Endpoints

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