Rskj full node uptime requirement

If I am running an rskj node does it require 24/7 uptime, or can it handle being turned on and off for periods of time? I ask because my experience running geth for Ethereum is that it does not like to be turned off for more than a few hours, or else it will want to be re-synced when I turn it back on again. Whereas with Bitcoin Core, I can sync it, turn it off for weeks or even months, then turn it back on again and it will continue syncing to the chain tip with no problem. Is rskj more like geth or more like Bitcoin Core in this regard?

Hi John,

RSK node will resume syncing after restart, continuing from the last block it processed before being turned off. We’ve seen some exceptional cases where the database would not shutdown properly, and this causes the node not to be able to continue syncing properly, so we recommend turning nodes off by running ‘service rsk stop’ command.

Hope it helps!

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