RSKIP-X: Expanding the emergency multisig

Hello, I have created a draft RSKIP with co-author @SergioDemianLerner RSKIP-X: Expanding the emergency multisig. The purpose of the proposal is to expand the Iris emergency multisig from a 3-of-4 multisig to a 7-of-12 multisig using Schnorr key aggregation for cost savings.

I view this change as one more stepping stone on the path to hardening the peg via other more elaborate methods, such as setting up a full backup Powpeg (discussed as an alternative considered in the RSKIP) and/or other methods such as a hashrate escrow or zk-SNARK two-way peg.

You can find the text of the RSKIP for review here:

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As a co-author, I fully support this improvement.
There is a change from the last draft version I read: you added signature aggregation to it, which is great but as we discussed, this will delay the implementation until the RSK bridge accepts/creates Taproot transactions.
I don’t think that we’ll be able to support Taproot in the next hardfork, but in the following. Still sooner than any UTXO time-lock could potentially expire.
If we want Taproot activated in the next RSK hard fork, then we better find more core devs to work on it.


Yes, I am expecting Taproot + Schnorr key aggregation support to come not in the next hard fork but the following. Thank you for clarifying that here as well :+1: And thank you for your help with this Sergio!

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Awesome, looking forward to this RSKIP in the community call