Increase bridge capacity

I noticed that the RSK bridge is at ~82% capacity:

Screenshot_2021-02-08 RSK explorer mainnet - Home -

Are there any plans to increase the cap? What is the process for doing that?

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Hi! yes, I think locking cap will be increased after next node version is released


As far as I remember from reading the code, the cap is controlled by a multi-signature currently held by members of the community, and the signatories can only increase the cap by sending a command to the bridge contract. Once it has increased, there is no way to revert that.

How the locking cap increase is connected to the next node version release ?
Is it related to security improvements in the next release? Or is it related to the activation of new pegnatories in the Powpeg?
(those questions I need to ask the developers)

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Thanks Sergio. Where can more information be found on the multi-sig controlling the cap? How many signers are there? Who are the key holders? thanks

Following up on this.

I don’t know who has the keys. I think IOV Labs has one. Adrian Eidelman surely knows which community members have the others.