Community Call December 2021

:wave: everyone! I trust you have been doing great since Community Call November/December 2021. Hot off the heels of the November community call,

We’re already planning our next one…

We would welcome your input during this planning phase.

  • Action: Please comment below with the RSKIPs that you would like us to prioritise for discussion!
  • Follow up: Based on this discussion, we’ll create an agenda, and then invite all of you to the discussion.
  • Hope to get all of your thoughts soon.
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Hi, I’ve created an Meta RSKIP proposing a couple of RSKIPs to be included in next RSK Network Upgrade. We’d like to present this proposal to the community in order to get feedback. Here’s the link: RSKIPs/ at master · rsksmart/RSKIPs · GitHub

Also, it can be a good opportunity to briefly update on the upcoming rskj version 3.2.0.


Here’s the full agenda:

  • 00’-10’ - RSKIP 291 - The next hard fork HOP and RSKj Iris v3.2.0
  • 10’-25’ - RSKIP 264 - Simplified Emergency Time-locks Refresh
  • 25’-45’ - RSKIP 271 - Bridge peg-out Batching
  • 45’-60’ - Q&A

Watch the livestream on youtube!

time: 10:00ART/13:00GMT/21:00SGT


@mirisarri has created a discussion post regarding RSKIP-271 here: