RSKIP-271 Bridge peg-out batching

Hello all,

I’d like to propose RSKIP-271 for the next network upgrade.

This RSKIP proposes to batch all peg-out requests into a single BTC transaction created every 3 hours approximately. This will result in users paying fewer fees to perform a peg-out since the total transaction fee will be divided among all the peg-outs included in the batched transaction.

On the downside, this adds an extra waiting time for users to receive their funds. This time can be reduced by updating the PowHSM to process the hash rate of uncle blocks also.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks!


To reiterate my question during the call yesterday:
May both RSKIP-271 and the RSKIP that would halve the waiting time could be both included in HOP?
Or, does the latter need to be in a separate network upgrade?

Also, in the spirit of capturing the full conversation:
Sergio also asked about whether this does indeed constitute a network upgrade in the first place. This hinges upon whether a consensus changes is necessary.

@SergioDemianLerner could you elaborate pls?

There’s a method in the Bridge that moves peg-out transactions from the list of transactions waiting for confirmations to the list of transactions waiting for signatures. To do this it checks a constant that sets the number of confirmations a transaction needs to have before it can be moved. Then the pegnatories sign those transactions that are on the list of waiting for signatures. Changing the value of this constant so that it requires fewer confirmations is a consensus change.

You can see the code here

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