Enveloping / Meta-transactions

The Research & Innovation team is developing a solution for meta-transactions named Enveloping. The main goal is to allow users to submit transactions to the network through a service provider (Sponsor) and pay for this service in tokens, removing the need to get native currency to operate with our blockchain network.

Repo: https://github.com/rsksmart/enveloping


While I’m not in the development team, I’ve been following closely the advancements of the Enveloping solution and I think it will be a key part of the RSK infrastructure in the years to come. I think the team should consider extending the solution to provide a service for the submission of transactions with time-assurance, even if the user has BTC to pay for fees. Normally wallets have to deal with gasPrice estimation, and I think some users will be willing to pay a premium for an assurance that the transaction will be executed timely.


It’s really need for the blockchain adoption we can pay the fees in the same token with you operate. It’s very interesting for the normal investor.


Version 1 of RIF Enveloping is already in Testnet and Mainnet.
There’s a second version in the final steps of development as well, with a simplified architecture and a much lower overhead gas cost (overhead gas is the gas needed to actually submit and execute a requested transaction).

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I created a new article in Medium Introducing the design of RIF Enveloping V1.
You can find it here.