Community Call June/July 2022

:wave: everyone! I trust you have been doing great since Community Call January/February 2022. I am excited to let you know that our next community call is proposed to be held on June 23rd, 2022, and we are already planning the event.

We would welcome your input in the lead up to the community call.

  • Action: Please comment below with the RSKIPs that you would like us to prioritize for discussion!
  • Follow up: Based on this discussion, we’ll create an agenda, and then invite all of you to the discussion.
  • Hope to get all of your thoughts soon.

Cheers and have a great day.


Hey everyone, I would like to present RSKIP-284 and RSKIP-293 to the community.
Both of these RSKIPs are related to improvements to make Flyover protocol more robust.

Looking forward seeing you all there :heart:


Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing you on the call.

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Would be great to cover all RSKIPs accepted for RSK Hop, listed in RSKIP-291: RSKIPs/ at master · rsksmart/RSKIPs · GitHub.

I believe most of them have already been presented in previous community calls, but a quick refresh would be great.


Hi all! Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s community call!

  • 00’-10’ - Intro to community calls

  • 10’-15’ - RSKIP-271 = Pegout batching

  • 15’ - 20’ - RSKIP-284 = New deserialization method for Flyover refund addresses

  • 20’ - 25’ - RSKIP-290 = Adjust Testnet block min difficulty

  • 25’ - 30’ - RSKIP-293 = Add method getActivePowpegRedeemScript to the Bridge contract and perform additional Flyover peg-in validations

  • 30’ - 35’ - RSKIP-294 = Limit the number of inputs to include in a migration transaction

  • 35’ - 40’ - RSKIP-297 = Increase max timestamp diff between btc and rsk blocks in Testnet

  • 40’ - 60’ - Q&A

TIME: Thursday, June 23rd, 11:30am (GMT-3)

Hope to see all of you there!

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Event starts in ~2 hours - be sure to join the livestream!