Article: RSK’s Peg-out efficiency Improvement — based on the use of Segwit in RSK’s PEG

Hi community,

​​Pato Gallardo, Ramsès Fernàndez-València, Nicolás Vescovo, all members of the RSK Research and Innovation team recently created three amazing articles about the RSK’s Peg-out efficiency improvement — based on the use of Segwit in RSK’s PEG.

Article 1 - is about the current actors and limitations of the RSK PEG mechanism, as well as a brief introduction to Segwit.

Article 2 - is about the different proposals related to Segwit that were studied. Segwit v0 and Segwit v1/Taproot (FROST, ICE-FROST and MuSig2)

Article 3 - is about the comparison of the proposals and a conclusion.

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