Community Call June/ July 2021

:wave: everyone! Hot off the heels of the May Community Call,
we’re already planning our next one…
and we would like your input!

  • Action: Please comment below with the RSKIPs that you would like us to prioritise for discussion!
  • Follow up: Based on this discussion, we’ll create an agenda, and invite all of you to the discussion.
  • Hope to get all of your thoughts soon!
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:wave: @light would you like to discuss RSKIP-201 in this community call?

I’d suggest to talk about RSKIP-170 (peg-in to any address) and RSKIP-176 (Flyover protocol), they are both relevant to improve the ux of the 2wp, something that users are sometimes struggling with. For RSKIP-176 it would be great to have someone from the team that worked on the implementation.

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:wave: all - here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s community call:

  • RSK Iris overview
  • RSKIP process
  • RSKIP-201, PowPeg Security
  • RSKIP-170, Pegin to any address
  • RSKIP-219, Pegin minimum reductions
  • RSKIP-176, Flyover

Note that due to the Iris release, there is a lot to be discussed,
and we may have to defer some topics to our next community call.

Tune in to the livestream: Youtube | Facebook | Periscope
Friday 15/07/2021 at 10:00ART/13:00GMT/21:00SGT