Community Call July/August 2021

:wave: everyone! Hot off the heels of the July Community Call,
we’re already planning our next one…
and we would like your input!

  • Action: Please comment below with the RSKIPs that you would like us to prioritise for discussion!
  • Follow up: Based on this discussion, we’ll create an agenda, and invite all of you to the discussion.
  • Hope to get all of your thoughts soon!

Proposed topic from @SergioDemianLerner → RSKIP-241, User triggered peg-out fee-bumping

Another proposed topic for this call is RSKIP207 also by @SergioDemianLerner

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Thursday 19th August, 10:00ART/13:00GMT/21:00SGT

Hello, I would like to discuss a draft RSKIP I am working on, RSKIP-X: Expanding the emergency multisig. I plan to have a draft available for review and comment by the time of the call tomorrow.

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Excellent. @bguiz can you make room for @light to present tomorrow?
If you publish it in this forum today, we can give it some discussion first and also make sure everyone that is interested can read it before the call.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Done: RSKIP-X: Expanding the emergency multisig


Here’s the full agenda up for discussion:

  • 00’-10’ - Iris
  • 10’-20’ - RSKIP-(268)
  • 20’-30’ - RSKIP-207 + RSKIP-264
  • 30’-40’ - RSKIP-265
  • 40’-50’ - RSKIP-241
  • 50’-60’ - Q&A

See you all there!

Tune in for the livestream today, at 10:00ART/13:00GMT/21:00SGT

Post-call follow up - RSKIP-265 is now the following:

  1. RSKIP-265: Bridge UTXOs Coin Selection
  2. RSKIP-270: Bridge UTXO set size management
  3. RSKIP-271: Bridge peg-out Batching
  4. RSKIP-272: Bridge UTXO Management Account